Best Inflatable Bed by Fox Air Beds Review


If you are looking for a truly durable and comfortable airbed, this Inflatable Mattress by Fox Airbeds should be top on your list.

These beds by Fox Air Beds come in multiple sizes (King, Queen, Full and Twin XL) and they are all renowned for their tough construction using 43% thicker Vinyl than standard air mattresses.

They are easy to inflate with a built-in pump or external pump allowing for versatile uses. The use of Air Flow system and added pillow enhances comfort levels.

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Air bed

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Product Description


The Inflatable Mattress by Fox Air Beds is renowned for exquisite design and construction with an aim to achieve high comfort levels. These beds are large to ensure the user enjoys an entire night. They are made using sturdy, durable and comfortable PVC material which is 43% thicker than industry standards. This not only ensures stability when sleeping but also boosts comfort levels. All materials used are eco-friendly and safe to sleep on. The design also includes pillow-top and air-flow chambers which both contribute to the best sleeping experience. The “super flat” surface provides the best support for your back.

Mattress Quality

The quality of an air mattress matters a lot though this product is supposed to provide a temporary sleeping solution.

This inflatable bed from Fox Airbeds are all designed to perfection and this is evident right from the highly innovative air chamber system, thick and sturdy PVC material, top flocking to a highly efficient pump system.

Every aspect of this air mattress is built to ensure strength and stability without compromising on safety and comfort of users. The luxuriously soft pillow-top, high design and heavy duty construction ensures the product meets the highest industry standards and exceeds customer expectations.

Ease of Storage

This blow-up bed by Fox Airbeds is easy to use and also store. A good air mattress should be designed for convenience in terms of storage and this is exactly what you get with this product. Once you are done using it, you just need to deflate it completely, fold it and pack it into a carry bag. If you are pressed for space in your house this airbed is easy to store and create more room. You can store it in a closet or anywhere else.

Ease of Use

When choosing an air mattress, make sure you confirm from other users about its ease of use. The best airbeds are easy to deploy, inflate and deflate in a matter of minutes which is exactly what you get with the best blow-up bed by Fox Airbeds. This airbed is easy to unpack from the carry bag and set out. You just need to plug in and inflate fully. You can also use a manual pump if you are out camping. There is no manual required to inflate or deflation because the pump is built-in and easy to operate.

Inflation/Deflation Process

Many consumers are of the view that air mattresses are not convenient due to their complex inflation/deflation systems. However, the air mattress from Airbeds changes all this through a high performance built-in pump system which is easy to use. The two-way external pump makes it easy to inflate in less than 4 minutes and the same applies for deflation. If you need a fast and easy-to-use air mattress, this is the right choice as the inflation/deflation process is straight forward and you don’t even require a manual to get started. In a matter of minutes your air mattress will be up.


A good air mattress should be designed for convenience and this includes easy transportation. The Inflatable Bed by Fox Airbeds is compact when deflated and easily fits into a storage bag. If you are going for an excursion with family or friends, this should be in your luggage. It is easy to carry along and when you inflate it, your friends will be envious. When packed, your airbed easily packs together with the rest of the items you need for your trip. This air mattress is designed for comfort and convenience and this is why it is easy to carry.


Most Air mattresses in the market are not built to last and consumers complain about this all the time.

However, this is something you don’t have to worry about with the finest inflatable beds by Fox Airbeds. The materials used in construction of this airbed are 43% thicker than what you get on an ordinary airbed. This is one of the most outstanding features on this bed and in fact it sets this apart from other products in the market.

The high-quality materials used to construct this airbed guarantee you get value for your money. This is one of the few air mattresses in the market built to last.

Is This Air Bed Right For Me?


Sturdy construction with 43% thicker PVC material

Easy to use and fast 2-way pumping system

Air flow chamber system for enhanced comfort

Comfortable pillow top included

It can stay firm up to 12 days without losing any air


Not as portable as other airbeds due to weight

90 days warranty

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Care and maintenance

Unlike the ordinary air mattresses in this category, the Inflatable Mattress by Fox Airbeds stands out as a low-maintenance product. This is an airbed that is going to serve you for a long time without any need for special care. The use of a thicker sturdy vinyl material means your airbed is puncture resistant. To minimize any technical problems, follow the inflation/deflation instructions to the letter. In case of problems, call customer support for assistance. It is also advisable to use a cover on top to protect the material and always store the bed safely away from kids.


An air mattress is the perfect solution to your temporary sleeping requirements. However, you need to choose the right product and the Inflatable Mattress by Fox Airbeds fits the bill. It is built to last and uses innovative air chambers for enhanced comfort. There are multiple sizes to choose from depending on your unique needs. The tall height design gives this airbed a real-bed feel and also adds to the convenience of using it. What’s more it is easy to use with the 2-way built-in pump and amazingly affordable.

Our Rating
  • 8.6/10
    Best Inflatable Bed by Fox Air Beds - 8.6/10
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