Coleman SupportRest Double High Airbed Review


If you are looking for a comfortable, durable and leak-free airbed, the Coleman Double-High SupportRest should be top on your list.

This is an exceptionally designed air mattress that is easily distinguishable from other products in the category. The airbed comes in a high-design measuring 18 inches which gives it the feel of a true bed.

This airbed is designed with comfort in mind and among the features that guarantee this are the ComfortStrong™ coil system for better support and a smooth plush top with Support Lock reinforced construction for added stability. The heavily tested AirTight® system guarantees no air loss as you sleep and with a capacity of 600 pounds this airbed is a good buy for your home.

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Product Description


The Coleman Double-High SupportRest airbed is designed with comfort in mind. There are features galore that are aimed at providing the user with the ultimate sleeping experience. The taller height makes this airbed more comfortable and easier to use. The Support Lock™ reinforced construction provides you with a stable sleeping surface while the velvet-like soft plush top boosts your sleeping experience. There is also a ComfortStrong™ coil system which is highly rated for its great comfort levels and with a guarantee of high air retention, you will enjoy the whole night without any worries. All materials used to make this bed are safe and eco-friendly.

Mattress Quality

Quality should be at the top of your mind when shopping for an airbed. This not only guarantees comfort and safety of the user but also durability of the product.

Every component used in the construction of the Coleman Double-High SupportRest airbed is designed to perfection. This gives the airbed an exceptional edge in terms of quality and it is no wonder most customers are going for it. The AirTight® system has been vigorously tested for to guarantee no leaks occur. The innovative Support Lock™ reinforced construction and ComfortStrong™ coil system also make this an exceptional product.

Ease of Storage

One of the biggest concerns for a consumer buying an airbed is space. Limited space is a major reason to invest in these temporary sleeping systems. With the Coleman Double-High SupportRest airbed, this is not a cause of concern because it comes with its own unique Wrap ‘N’ Roll™ built-in storage system. You do not need an extra storage bag as you just have to fold, roll and then pack the air mattress into the attached bag. You can transform any empty space into sleeping space and clear it in no time. This airbed is easy to store away when you are not using it.

Ease of Use

The best airbed should be easy to use and this is exactly what you get with the Coleman Double-High SupportRest airbed. It comes with a dual-sealed and leak-free valve and once you pump air in, it remains locked in. The first seal prevents air escape when you remove the pump while the second seal locks air in as you sleep. The unit does not include a pump but there are many compatible ones in the market. Once you are done sleeping, you just need to deflate the airbed, fold it and then roll it into the attached bag. It is the easiest airbed to use.

Inflation/Deflation Process

Most airbeds in the market are difficult to set up and this is a major turn off for consumers. Not so with the easy-to-use Coleman Double-High SupportRest airbed. There is no air pump provided but the Coleman® 120V or Rechargeable pump is recommended. Using this pump is easy and once you attach the nozzle to the valve, you need to inflate the bed to the desired firmness level. Removing the pump is no hassle as the Double Lock™ valve guarantees no air leaks. No more pumping is required throughout the night and to deflate you can use the same pump or use the valve.


If you are looking to buy an airbed, make sure it is portable especially if you intend to use it outdoors. The Coleman Double-High SupportRest airbed is one of the easiest-to-carry airbeds. The innovative Wrap ‘N’ Roll™ built-in storage system allows you to fold, roll and pack the entire unit into the storage bag which comes with attachable strings for easy carrying. If you are going camping or you have a road trip planned, it is easy to carry a long your airbed. When packed, this airbed easily fits in with the rest of the luggage you are carrying. Portability is one feature that makes this a good airbed.


While an air bed is supposed to offer a temporary sleeping solution, you have to consider value for money when buying one. These sleeping systems are expensive and you should buy a durable unit which requires minimal maintenance. The Coleman Double-High SupportRest air mattress is built to last and this is best shown by the durable and thick PVC material, strong coil construction, double lock valve and a plush top which features support lock reinforced construction. The durable construction of this airbed makes it possible to support up to 600 lbs which is not something you see with other airbeds. This is why the brand offers 1-year limited warranty.

Is This Airbed Right For Me?


High height at 18 inches high

Storage bag attached to mattress

Fits Standard sheets

Plush top layer to prevent slipping

No-air leaks guarantee


No integrated pump system

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Care and maintenance

The Coleman Double-High SupportRest airbed is a low-maintenance product. The tough PVC material used makes it puncture resistant. During the initial inflation, make sure you let the inflatable bed stretch fully. In case you notice any fall in pressure, inflate again until you get the ultimate firmness. Any punctured holes can be repaired using an ordinary patch kit. In case you have a problem with the inflation system, call the customer support team and avoid tampering with the unit. To maintain your air mattress in mint condition, use a cover before sleeping and always wipe it with a wet cloth before using.


A good airbed offers affordable and convenient temporary accommodation option. The Coleman Double-High SupportRest airbed offers you this and more. It is a high air bed making it easy to get into and out of. It has an array of features including an AirTight® system; Support Lock™ reinforced construction, Wrap ‘N’ Roll™ built-in storage system and a strong ComfortStrong™ coil system. All these enhance durability, comfort levels, ease-of-use and ease of storage. With a capacity of 600 pounds, this is one of the best high capacity airbeds in the market and at only a few bucks, this is a great bargain.

Our Rating
  • 9.4/10
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