Full Bed versus Queen Bed – What Is The Difference?

The importance of good quality sleep for your overall wellbeing makes it important to find the most comfortable bed. There is an overwhelming range of beds in the market distinguished by overall surface area, length, and width. The two most common types of beds are the full-sized (double bed), and Queen sized beds.

Each of the two popular beds comes with its range of advantages and drawbacks. If you are in the market for a new bed, it is important to learn more about these two types of bed to make an informed choice. In this guide, you will find all the necessary details about the two beds including sizes, pros and cons, comfort levels and much more.

Full vs. Queen Comparison Chart

Width54 inches / 137 cm60 inches / 153 cm
Length75 inches / 191 cm80 inches / 203 cm
CostA full size bed and all the accessories (mattress, foundation, bed and bedding) are cheaper than for a Queen bed.A queen size bed and all the accessories (mattress, foundation, bed and bedding) cost a bit more than for a Full bed.
Space UsedChildren‡s rooms, small master bedrooms and guest rooms.Larger guest rooms and master bedrooms.
ManeuverabilityLightweight and easy to move around.Harder to move around in tight spaces.
Mattress Sales21% of all mattresses32% of all mattresses

What Is a Full Size Bed?

A full bed measures 54 inches width by 75 inches length. The full bed for a long time was the original bed popular for couples about 30 to 40 years ago. The houses back then came with smaller master bedrooms to accommodate this bed.

While this was a popular option for couples, it is now more popular with single sleepers. It is a good option for households where space is limited as it is compact. A full bed is also easy to move around, and due to its smaller size, you will have enough space to maneuver around your room. It is an upgrade from the twin bed with an extra 16 inches of width.

Pros and Cons


Lowly priced making it ideal for customers on a budget

Lightweight and easy to move around the room

Compact design and doesn’t take a lot of space

Accessories are easy to find in the market


Not large enough to fit couples (27 inches for each person)

The 75-inch length is not enough for taller people


When comparing different sizes of beds, size is a major consideration. For a full-size bed, you have 75 inches of length and 54 inches width and this is the size you have to assess to determine whether this is the right bed for you. A full bed is popular because it provides a lot of room for a sleeper without taking a lot of space in the house. Most homes grapple with limited space, and this makes a full bed an ideal choice to maximize available space. You will also get enough room to maneuver around the room without any hindrances.


Good sleep quality is crucial to your overall well-being, and hence you need to assess the comfort levels of the bed you wish to buy. The full bed is today popular for a single sleeper.

When two adults use this bed, each has only 27 inches of space which is not enough to enjoy a comfortable night. There is hardly any room to stretch and you will wake up feeling stiff. When used by one person, a full bed offers a comfortable sleeping experience. However, one drawback even for a single sleeper is the length. The 75 inches length is not ideal for a tall person.


One big advantage of the full bed is the ease with which you will find accessories. The full-size mattress is easily available and you will also find inexpensive bed sheets and appropriately sized duvet sets in almost every store. Pillows are also readily available to give you the ultimate sleeping experience on your full bed.

Recommended Space

When buying any bed, you have to consider the available room in your house. For a full bed, it is advisable to have about 10 x 12 feet and above of room. Such space allows an enjoyable placement and leaves breathing room around the bed. You also have space to maneuver around.

What Is a Queen Size Bed?

A Queen size bed measures 60 inches width by 80 inches length. It is the dominant bed in most bedrooms across the U.S and for many good reasons. There is more legroom for tall people, and it is wider than the full bed.

As people become more conscious about the importance of good quality sleep, they are ready to invest more in more comfortable sleeping systems such as the queen bed. It is easy to accessorize the queen bed due to its popularity and while it is not yet perfect for couples, it gives more room for every sleeper. It is a good upgrade from a full bed for your bedroom.

Pros and Cons


More space to accommodate couples

Additional room for taller sleepers due to the 80 inches length.

Easily available accessories in the market due to the bed’s popularity

Provides a more comfortable sleeping experience for single sleepers


More expensive than the full bed

Bulky and heavy making it hard to move around tight spaces.


At 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length, the Queen bed is 5 inches longer and 6 inches wider than a Full sized bed. It is thus more suited for couples or for individuals who want a more comfortable sleeping experience. When sleeping couples, each person gets about 30 inches of space to themselves which is enough for a good night’s sleep. Due to the compact size, it works best for small Master Bedrooms and is also ideal for the Guest Room. However, if you already have a full bed which tightly fits in the available space, a Queen sized bed might cause maneuverability problems.


When shopping for any sleeping system, comfort should be top on your mind. Good quality sleep plays a big role in your overall health and for this reason; you have to evaluate the Queen Size bed keenly.

When used by a single person, a Queen bed is more than enough, and in fact, there is a lot of extra room. It is the perfect choice if you move around in your sleep and you will always wake up refreshed. A queen bed is also ideal for two people with each sleeper getting 30 inches of space. If you want to enjoy your nights, this is the bed to buy.


Queen beds are now ubiquitous in American homes and it is thus easy to accessorize them. You can easily find queen size mattresses in every store in your city and also online. Pillows, duvet sets, and bed sheets sets are also easy to find and they cost more than those of a full bed.

Recommended Space

Before buying a Queen bed, you need to consider the available space in your house. The minimum space required to comfortable fit this bed is about 9 1/2 feet by 10 feet. For a more comfortable setting and easy maneuverability around the bed, the room size should be 10 feet by 10 feet and above.

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Looking at the full bed and queen size bed, it is obvious that the significant differences between the two call for a careful evaluation. On the one hand, the full bed is more affordable, compact and easily fits into a smaller room than the Queen bed. It is ideal for a family on a budget and anyone with limited space. On the other hand, the Queen bed offers more room for couples and taller people thus guaranteeing a more comfortable sleeping experience.

To make the right choice, you have to consider your needs first. If you want a compact sized, comfortable bed for a single sleeper without breaking the bank, the full bed will work perfectly for you. However, if you are a couple and you need a bed which doesn’t take all the room in your small master bedroom, the Queen bed will come in handy. Finding accessories for both types of beds is also easy.

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