​Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set with 2 Pillows and Double Quick Hand Pump Review

Looking for temporary accommodation for your home or for camping purposes? If so an air bed is the perfect choice for you.

It is a more affordable, flexible and convenient choice when you don’t have enough space in your house. 

The 8.75 inches high ​Intex ​Queen ​Classic ​Downy stands out as the best choice due to some incredible features.

It is an easy-to-use airbed which comes with a double quick hand air pump. For an excellent sleeping experience, this queen​ air mattress has two inflatable pillows and features a luxurious ​waterproof flocked top.

The ​wave beam technology strengthens the sides and bottom making this one of the most durable air ​mattresses in the market and allowing for 600-Pound capacity. 

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1. Features & Benefits

To make a good choice when shopping for an air bed, you need to compare the different features.

The Intex ​​Classic ​Downy is a standard queen ​air mattress which comes packed with amazing features.

For easy and fast inflating and deflating, there is a 2-in-1 valve and a Double Quick Hand Air Pump in the purchase.

This air bed boasts cutting-edge Wave beam construction featuring 14-gauge vinyl beams sides and 15-gauge bottom strong enough to support 600-Pounds.

The 20.8-gauge waterproof flocked top not only provides a comfortable sleeping surface but also one easy to clean.

At 8.75 inches, it offers excellent sleeping solution both indoors and outdoors. 

2. Construction

Intex has introduced the innovative Wave beam construction which not only provides a comfortable, uniform sleeping surface but also enhanced stability on its air ​mattresses. 

The technology enhances strength for the Intex ​Classic ​Downy ​Airbed. Th​is queen air mattress features a sturdy 20.8 gauge waterproof flocked top which works in combination with 14-gauge vinyl beams reinforced sides and equally strong 15-gauge bottom.

The waterproof top is easy to clean and also protects your airbed from punctures and any other physical damage when camping.

The pump system features a 2-in-1 valve to allow quick and simple inflating and deflating​ using the provided pump.

This sturdy and durable construction allows for the incredible 600-pound weight capacity.

​3. Comfort

While you will mostly use your air bed occasionally, you have to appreciate the importance of good sleep quality every night. For this reason, you need to examine the ​air mattress you wish to buy and identify features that guarantee a comfortable night’s sleep. 

The ​Intex ​Queen ​Classic ​Downy promises comfort due to its innovative Wave beam construction which provides a uniform and stable sleeping surface throughout the night.

There is a luxurious 20.8-gauge waterproof flocked top which guarantees the ultimate sleeping experience and you also get two pillows which add to the comfort levels.

The air​ mattress stands 8.75 inches from the floor making it comfortable and convenient to use outdoors for a memorable night. 

​4. Durability

When comparing different air​ mattresses in the market, it is important to consider how durable the product is. To confirm this, you need to look at both the construction and the type of materials used.

With the ​Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set you have a guarantee of a durable and tough air bed owing to the cutting edge Wave beam technology used.

The company combines a tough 20.8-gauge waterproof flocked top with 14-gauge vinyl beams sides and 15-gauge bottom to make this one of the most durable ai​r mattresses in the market. 

The waterproof flocked top is not only tough but also easy to clean thus maintaining your airbed in perfect shape. 

​5. Pro's & Con's



  • ​Large queen size ideal for two adults​
  • ​Easy and fast inflating and deflating with the Double Quick Hand Air Pump which is in the package
  • ​Plush and comfortable sleeping surface on the waterproof flocked top
  • ​Two pillows included
  • ​Pillows not very comfy and also difficult to deflate 
  • ​Too low for indoor use
  • ​Problems holding air

6. Odor

Odor is a big problem with most air mattresses on the market but luckily, this is not so with the ​Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set.

The water flocked top prevents off-gassing providing the ultimate sleeping experience. It is a safe and comfortable airbed ideal for both kids and adults.

7. Maintenance, Care & Warranty

Many air bed users have concerns about the special care required for these sleeping products. 

However, this is not a problem you encounter with the tough and low-maintenance ​Intex ​Queen 8.75" ​Classic ​Downy ​Inflatable ​Airbed ​Mattress.

It is an easy-to-maintain airbed owing to the sturdy 20.8-gauge waterproof flocked top. You only need to clean the top with mild soap and water before and after using the air​ mattress outdoors to maintain it in tiptop condition.

What’s more, inflating and deflating the air bed is easy owing to the 2-in-1 valve system, and a Double Quick Hand Air Pump provided.

Make sure you follow manufacturer’s instructions as there is no warranty provided. 

8. Customer Feedback

Customer feedback helps you evaluate the quality of the air​ mattress you wish to buy. 

For the ​Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set, there is positive feedback regarding ease of inflating/deflating especially for outdoor use, large size and good weight capacity.

However, there are also concerns regarding lack of warranty, poor customer support, sagging and loss of air with time.

9. Customer Service

One thing that most customers have a problem with when it comes to purchasing Intex products is the poor customer service. 

Many customers complain about the quality and reliability of customer support from the company but with a new support page, phone line, email and chat services, Intex is intent on improving things. 

10. Value

An air mattress is a costly purchase and you need to evaluate it to get good value for money. 

For around $​30, the ​Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set offers good value considering the features and benefits in the package.

Unlike other products in the market, this one is easy to inflate and deflate making it perfect for the outdoors.

What’s more, it is a lightweight air​ mattress which you can easily set up in minutes. It features cutting-edge wave beam technology to guarantee comfort, stability, and durability. You don’t have to worry about any special maintenance for your bed; inflate, wipe clean, deflate and store after use.

It is an incredible investment for your home. 

11. Conclusion

The ​Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set stands out for many good reasons. It is an easy-to-use air ​mattress, and this makes it perfect for the outdoors. 

The 2-in-1 valve makes it easy to inflate and deflate the air​ ​bed with the high-quality hand pump included.

It is one of the strongest and most durable air​ mattresses in the market owing to the innovative wave beam construction used.

In addition to the tough water flocked top, there are heavy gauge beams on sides and bottom to make this a sturdy air bed for both indoor and outdoor use.

It is an airbed that combines convenience, comfort, and durability into one making it a good investment for every home. 

Our Rating
  • 8.3/10
    Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set - 8.3/10
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