Intex Twin Raised Pillow Airbeds with Built-In Pump Review

Do you expect to host guests in your house and you are worried about lack of sleeping space? Well, there is an affordable solution in the form of the Intex Twin Raised Pillow Rest Flocked Airbed.

It is one of the most popular products from the Intex brand and guarantees a comfortable night’s sleep for your guests. It boasts double-layered wave beam interior construction allowing it to hold 300 pounds. The airbed stands 16.5 inches from the floor for convenience when getting in and out of bed.

It also comes with a built-in pump for easy and fast inflating and deflating. For added comfort, there are built-in pillows and a plush, waterproof flocked top which offers a luxurious sleeping surface. It is the perfect solution for temporary accommodation in your home.

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Features and Benefits

The Intex Twin Raised Pillow Rest Flocked comes loaded with an impressive array of features making it one of the best airbeds in the market. They include a powerful built-in electric pump to help set up sleeping space in three minutes, a comfy waterproof flocked top and double-layered wave beam interior construction for durability and stability of the airbed. At 16.5 inches from the floor, this airbed is easy to move in and out of, and your guests will enjoy the experience. The built-in pillow saves you extra costs and the carry bag provided makes it easy to store and travel with your airbed.


The Intex Twin Raised Pillow Rest Flocked airbed boasts innovative construction. Many airbed users complain about the integrity of the products they buy, but with this new airbed from Intex, you don’t have to worry. The innovative vinyl beam technology used guarantees durability, stability, and comfort. The airbed boasts double-layered wave beam interior construction allowing for 300 lb capacity. There is a Waterproof flocked top, which not only offers a comfortable sleeping space but also makes this an easy to maintain airbed. The built-in pillow is also a great feature in the design of the airbed while the built-in pump makes for easy set-up of the bed in 3 minutes.


Good quality sleep is crucial for your health, and when buying an airbed, you need to consider the comfort levels. The Intex Twin Raised Pillow Rest Flocked airbed has multiple features added to enhance its comfort levels. The high-quality construction using Double-layered wave beam technology guarantees your airbed stability throughput the night. The indented sides hold the sheets in position again allowing the user to sleep comfortably. Other features adding to the comfort level include a built-in pillow, and a plush, soft waterproof flocked top. The raised height of this airbed also makes it convenient to use, and your guest will thank you after a memorable night.


Looking at most consumer complaints touching on air mattresses, it is obvious that durability is a major concern. Most of the products in the market disintegrate quickly but you can now invest in an Intex Twin Raised Pillow Rest Flocked airbed to solve this problem. It is an airbed designed with durability in mind and this is obvious owing to the innovative double-layered wave beam interior construction. The Dura beam support keeps the airbed stable for a long time while the sturdy waterproof flocked top prevents damage to the interior structure. The built-in electric pump is less prone to damage and air loss again making this one of the most durable airbeds in the market.

Pros and Cons


Sturdy construction using innovative vinyl beam technology

Built-in Pump for easy and fast inflating and deflating of the airbed

Built-in pillow for enhanced comfort and cost savings

Raised height of 16.5 inches giving the airbed a feel of a traditional bed


Lack of a reliable warranty

Poor customer support when shopping and afterward

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If you have some experience with inflatable beds, you might have experienced the problem of odor. It is a major issue caused by the plastic materials used. For the Intex Twin Raised Pillow Rest Flocked airbed, customers have not complained about off-gassing and the luxurious Waterproof flocked top offers a comfortable sleeping surface.

Maintenance, Care & Warranty

The Intex Twin Raised Pillow Rest Flocked airbed is a sturdy, low-maintenance product. The Waterproof flocked top makes this a low-maintenance airbed, which you only have to wipe before use. You should follow the manufacturer’s instruction when pumping to avoid any damage to the system. It is also important to find a clean surface when setting the airbed to avoid punctures. After inflating your airbed, you should always check for leaks around the seams and repair them before they worsen. You should take proactive care for the airbed to avoid punctures and any other damage. Remember, the company offers only 15 days replacement for this airbed.

Customer feedback

The Intex Twin Raised Pillow Rest Flocked airbed has received many 5-star reviews but there are also notable complaints about the product. Customers hail the airbed’s ease to inflate and deflate and suitability for both indoor and outdoor use. However, there are concerns about quick loss of shape and lack of reliable customer support.

Customer Service

To find the best air mattress to suit your needs, you need reliable customer service. However, many customers have complained about the quality of customer support they get from Intex when buying their products. The company now has a dedicated support page on its website in an attempt to improve the quality of interactions with customers.


When shopping for an air mattress, you need to find the best product to guarantee good value for your money. To evaluate the value of an airbed, you need to consider what it offers, and with the Intex Twin Raised Pillow Rest Flocked airbed, there is a lot to gain. It is a convenient addition to your household, and with only a few bucks you will save a lot of money on a stationary bed. You also save a lot of space which can go to other uses. The airbed is sturdy and comes with a built-in electric pump. You save on the cost of an external pump, and with the built-in pillow, you also save on extra pillows. It is good value for your money.


There are many air mattresses in the market but the Intex Twin Raised Pillow Rest Flocked airbed stands out. It is an easy-to-use air mattress owing to the innovative built-in pump, which inflates the airbed in just three minutes. What’s more, the airbed boasts cutting-edge Double-layered wave beam construction to offer a stable and comfortable sleeping surface for your guests. At 16.5 inches from the floor, this is a comfortable and convenient airbed to use, and the weight capacity of 300 pounds makes it suitable for your guests. If you are in the market for a convenient, durable and comfortable temporary sleeping solution, go for the Intex Twin Raised Pillow Rest Flocked airbed. Despite the lack of warranty and unreliable customer support, it is worth trying this product.

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    Intex Twin Raised Pillow Airbeds with Built-In Pump - 9.6/10
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