LinenSpa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress Review
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Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Good quality sleep is one of the most important ingredients to a healthy life. To enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep, you need a comfortable mattress.

This ​​Linen​Spa 8" ​Memory ​Foam and ​Innerspring ​Hybrid ​Mattress measures ​75 x  39 x 8 inches and is a game changer in the mattress industry due to its affordability, innovative construction, durability and great comfort levels

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Th​is hybrid mattress combines a 1.5-inch top layer of memory foam with the traditional support of an innerspring mattress for the ultimate sleeping experience.

The memory foam layer features a sturdy but luxurious cover, and the whole unit comes packaged in a box for easy transportation.

The brand offers a 10-year manufacturer's warranty which shows the confidence they have in the sleeping system.

1. Construction  - Materials & Quality

When shopping for any sleeping system, the first thing to look for is quality construction. ​​The best sleeping products are costly and you don’t want to go back to the market any time soon.

For the ​​Linen​Spa 8 ​Inch ​Memory ​Foam and ​Innerspring ​Hybrid ​Mattress you have a guarantee of the best construction achieved by fusing two layers to form a compact sleeping system. 

The two layers of polyfoam and tempered steel coils make this one of the most innovative mattresses in the market

Sleepers can now get the best of both worlds by enjoying the comfort, luxury and health benefits of a memory foam mattress provided by the 1.5” of gentle polyfoam and the superb strength of an innerspring mattress through the 6.5” of steel coil support layer.

​​The memory foam layer offers a plush feel to the sleeping surface and quick response to pressure while the lower spring system adds some bounce to the sleeping product and guarantees excellent support throughout the night.

The upper foam layer features a soft, knit fabric mattress cover comprising 58.5% Polyester, 40% Rayon from Bamboo, and 1.5% Spandex while the borders feature 60% Polyester and 40% Viscose.

This unique construction distributes body weight and the foam material contours to the body for the perfect night’s sleep.

2. Firmness - Support & Feel

When buying a mattress, you need to test the firmness to guarantee a safe and comfortable sleeping experience.

Now that you intend to use this sleeping product for some years, you need to consider the inner construction and test how the materials react to pressure.

Your doctor will tell you that a good sleeping surface is beneficial to your neck and back and offers relief if you suffer chronic pain.

Th​is ​Linen​Spa ​mattress performs excellently in terms of firmness.

firmness scale ​​7.5/10

When you softly apply pressure on the sleeping surface, your hand comes into contact with the soft quilted cover.

This is the layer your body will have contact with and you will feel satisfying relief. As your body settles, the innerspring system will come into play by offering a buoyant reaction to the pressure.

When taken through a firmness test by different types of sleepers, th​is 8 inch mattress gets a rating of around ​7.5 which makes it ideal for people looking for a ​firmer sleeping surface.

The industry medium firmness rating is 6.5 and this mattress is thus ideal for kids, teenagers and lightweight people.

Average sized adults might feel the mattress is a tad too soft and they might not enjoy the firmness benefits they desire from a sleeping product.

3. Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is another important consideration when buying a sleeping product.

If you intend to use the mattress with a partner, it is crucial to determine how well the mattress you buy copes with motion when in use. ​The amount of disturbance you expect from a mattress is crucial in determining comfort levels.

The ​​Linen​Spa 8" ​Memory ​Foam and Innerspring ​Hybrid ​Mattress doesn’t perform excellently when it comes to motion transfer.

There is a bit of disturbance across the sleeping surface and this affects the overall quality of your sleeping experience. This is due to the qualities of the supportive innerspring layer at the bottom. 

4. Edge Support

Edge support is important if you want to share the mattress with your partner.

While th​e ​queen version of this mattress measures 60 inches x 80 inches x 8 inches, you will find yourself rolling over to the edges. ​In such a situation, you need to consider how supportive the edges are to avoid falling over and injuring yourself.

​When you test the ​Linen​Spa 8 ​Inch ​​​hybrid mattress by sleeping close to the edge, you will feel serious movement through both the foam top layer and the steel coils.

For a light sleeper, this is not a big issue but a heavy sleeper might end up tumbling to the ground if the edges caves in under pressure. 

5. You Will Love ​Linen​Spa 8 ​Inch Hybrid Mattress If You:


  • ​​If you are after a comfortable night’s sleep on one of the most innovative sleeping systems in the market

  • If you ​are looking for a superbly constructed mattress that fuses the benefits of memory foam with the strength of the innerspring system

  • ​​If you want a mattress that has good edge support for stability throughout the night 
  • ​If you want to enjoy a buoyant feel on your mattress when sleeping
  • If you love sinking into your mattress but you don’t like getting stuck

  • If you are after a sleeping system that is durable and comes with ten years warranty

  • If you want your mattress to arrive compressed into a box 

6. You might not like ​Linen​Spa 8 ​Inch Hybrid Mattress if you:


  • ​If you don’t like the feel of coil springs on your bed
  • ​​If you want to use the bed with a partner as you will experience disturbance when sleeping
  • If you are a heavy sleeper, the mattress won’t provide enough support for comfortable sleep

  • ​If you are after a very firm sleeping solution
  • ​If you want a luxurious mattress
  • ​If you want a sleeping product with a lifetime warranty as the brand only offers 10 years warranty
  •  If you normally toss and turn in bed, the edge support is not the best quality
  • If you want to enjoy the benefits of a full memory mattress

​7. FAQ

What ​Is ​A Hybrid Mattress?

A ​​hybrid mattress​ is a combination of two or more support systems​. They usually contain memory foam or latex layers along with an innerspring ​ system.

​Are ​Hybrid ​Mattresses ​Good?

Hybrid mattresses are ​ideal for kids, teenagers and lightweight people.

​​How Long ​Does ​The ​Linen​Spa 8" ​Memory ​Foam ​And ​Innerspring ​Hybrid ​Mattress ​Last?

On an average ​a hybrid mattress  ​can last up to six years if properly cared for​, but ​the LinenSpa 8​" Hybrid Mattress  comes with a 10 year limited warranty for your own peace of mind.

8. Other Considerations

  • Trial Period: ​​No
  • Warranty: 10-year​s
  • Shipping: Free shipping 
  • Optional White Glove Delivery Service: Yes 
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified: Yes

9. Final Thoughts

If you are in the market looking for a quality, affordable and long-lasting mattress, the ​​Linen​Spa 8" ​Memory ​Foam and ​Innerspring ​Hybrid ​Mattress​ is your answer.

Th​is hybrid mattress offers the best of both worlds by fusing the comfort of memory foam with the incredible support of innerspring​s.

It is an affordable mattress and with the 10 years manufacturer’s warranty, you have a guarantee of the quality

The contouring foam makes this mattress comfortable, and the innovative hybrid construction makes it perfect for back, side, and stomach sleepers.

It is safe for kids as all materials used are CertiPUR-US® Certified and there is an offer for free shipping.

Considering all these factors, this is a worthy investment for your home

Our Rating
  • 9.4/10
    LinenSpa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress - 9.4/10
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