Mattress Sizes & What Bed Size Should I Get For My Room

A comfortable mattress must begin by being of the perfect size. Size determines how well it fits on the bed. Without fitting on the bed, the possibility of rolling off and falling to the floor as you sleep is very high. This would be disastrous especially for children and the elderly. Furthermore, it would deny you an opportunity to enjoy good night sleep.

Beyond fitting the bed, a mattress must also fit the room. The danger is when a mattress and its accompanying bed are too big rather than too small. The bed would eclipse all other installations in a room. It would even be difficult to maneuver in a room with a mattress that is occupying all the space. This is why manufacturers recommend various mattress sizes for particular rooms to make it comfortable for occupants. Get the right mattress size and match it with the dimensions of your room to guarantee comfort.


This mattress size is designed for baby cribs and coats. The thickness of the mattress is usually 6” or less. The common size is 28 5/8” x 52 5/8”. However, this size may vary depending on brands and whether the mattress is designed for special situations. This size perfectly fits most cribs without falling short or being too wide. Once the child has grown, you can transfer the same mattress to a toddler’s bed. It will fit most of the beds and still be in perfect condition for use. This mattress can be used in a room that is 7’ by 10’ or more since you will require room to maneuver.


This is the most common mattress for children rooms. They are designed to fit the bed and provide a comfortable place for the child as well as space to accommodate toys or any other belonging a child may be fond of. Standard twin beds measure 39” by 74”. This is a perfect bed for children apartments, dorm rooms and situations where the child loves a small pet, like a cat. Such a mattress and bed will not offer all the space required for movement but is sufficient for the baby to just relax and sleep. This is for rooms measuring 7’ by 10’ or 10’ by 10’.

Short Twin

This is a bed and mattress size of campers and motor homes. Since campers are designed to economize on space, the size of everything has to be trimmed. The twin bed reduces the length by 5 inches while increasing the width by 1 inch. It means that you will get a 34’ by 75’ mattress. Manufacturers also provide these mattress sizes on order with more personalized dimensions. This mattress is recommended for a home that is 7’ by 10’. There is literally no much room yet you have enough for your desired activities. Thickness will depend on dimensions provided by manufacturers and personal preference.

Twin XL

This is a perfect mattress for the tall people. It measures 39 inches by 80 inches. This means that you have an additional 6 inches from your head to the legs. Apart from the tall people, the mattress will fit people who sleep slim yet move up and down the bed. Do you have a pet that you would like to accommodate at the foot of your bed? This is your mattress of choice. You must find a bend of complementary dimensions to avoid mismatch. This is a mattress that can fit in a room that is 7’ by 10’.


The standard full size mattress is what is commonly referred to as double bed. This is the common mattress you find in most hotel rooms. The mattress provides 16 inches more than your Twin mattress. At 54 inches by 74 inches, the bed can perfectly and comfortably accommodate two small sized individuals. However, it will be a bother for people who move frequently in their sleep. The mattress is recommended for children who are past the use of a twin bed. It will allow you to cuddle with the child as you tuck him or her for the night. This is the mattress recommended for a 10’ by 12’ room.

Full XL

This is another mattress for the tall people who need leg room. You have an extra 6” length because the mattress is 54” by 80”. Though it offers the extra length, you will not enjoy the width of a queen size mattress. This is the perfect mattress for the couple that would love extra leg room but not much of personal space. It enables you to naturally cuddle with your partner. You will need a room that is between 10 inches by 12 inches and 10 inches by 16 inches to comfortably fit this mattress. The available walking space will vary.

Standard Queen

This is a common size of mattress on most beds. It gives sleepers the opportunity to stretch and reposition without interfering with the other. At 60 inches by 80 inches, you have room to being your night cuddling and wade off in the night when the heat is too much. It also allows you to accommodate your pet and kids without worrying about your space. This is the perfect mattress for teenage rooms as well as guest rooms. It can accommodate a person who sleeps in any position. You will need a room that is anywhere between 10’ by 10’ and 10’ by 14’. This affects your space for maneuver.

Olympic Queen

Are you in need of leg space and also space to move in your sleep? This should be your choice of mattress. You have an extra 6 inches for your feet and 6 more for your preferred sleeping position, because it is 80” by 66”. It is for that person who needs space for the legs but is not ready to go for the king size bed. The bed can still accommodate pets and children without interfering with your freedom as you sleep. It requires a room that is 10’ by 10’ to 10’ by 14’. You will determine the amount of walking space you need.

California Queen

This is for the family that needs extra moving space but not too much leg space. At 84” by 60”, you have the perfect space for the entire family. Do you have a child who loves to cuddle between parents when he wakes up at night? This should be your preferred mattress. Because of its size, you need a larger room to remain with maneuver space. This means a 12’ by 10’ to 12’ by 14’ room. The size of your room will determine the moving room left. You need a bigger room for the bed to appear proportional.

Standard King

Are you that couple that requires as much sleeping space as you can? This is the perfect mattress for you. You will have more space to relax and enjoy sleeping time in different positions or to accommodate children and pets. This bed makes you feel as though you have two combined beds in one. If you will be using the bed alone, you have a feeling of sleeping in a relaxing field, all by yourself. You can watch TV, read a book and relief pain through different positions. You require a room that is equally large, measuring above 10’ by 12’ or more.

California King

What would you do with a 72” by 84” bed? Well, this is what California King offers. This is for couples or individuals who want an entire room for a bed. You have room to cuddle and still separate to acquire relaxing sleeping positions without leaving the bed. This is the perfect mattress for adjustable beds where you play around with elevations. It gives you perfect room for children and pets. Precisely, this is where the entire family meets on an afternoon or evening to chat and then fall asleep without space constrain. You will need a room that is 12’ by 12’ to 12’ by 14’ or more.


Standard mattress sizes exist in the market guided by bed sizes. You have the freedom to choose any size that fits your needs. Individual preference will determine the mattress size you choose. However, comfort in the room must consider the space available in the room and other activities that will take place. Remember that different people sleep in unique styles. The physique of users must also be considered to determine the length. Always choose a mattress that will give you comfort while you sleep and also fit in the room where it is placed.

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