RV (Camper) Mattress Sizes, Types and Best Places to Buy Them

If you plan to go camping or for a road trip with your RV, you are in for an exciting experience. Your RV allows you to go further and see more and it is an ideal bonding moment with family or friends.

Well, before hitting the road, you need to consider your sleeping arrangements. While most RVs come with sleeping space, you will agree it is not always the most comfortable. RV mattresses come in handy.

These mattresses come in a variety of sizes and they are lightweight, portable and also feature latest sleeping technologies.

You can choose from a memory foam mattress, air mattress, a spring coil mattress or you can take with you a portable rollaway bed. This article will help you find the most suitable mattress for your trip.

RV Mattress Sizes


A twin RV mattress is a great replacement for uncomfortable cushions you normally find in campers and RV beds. The standards size of a twin RV mattress is 38 x 75 inches just like the one used for ordinary beds.

Twin RV MattressThe idea here is to provide a space-saving sleeping solution when camping or during a road trip. The sizes of these mattresses can vary from 28 x 75 on the smaller side to 40 x 80 inches on the larger size. The wide range of dimensions makes it possible to find a twin RV mattress that suits your bed. If you have a twin bed in your RV, a twin size RV mattress suits you perfectly.


Bunk beds are very common on RVs and campers but the problem is that they do not come with the most suitable mattress.

RV bunk mattress

RV bunk mattresses work perfectly with twin beds. Their sizes just like for twin mattresses start from 28 x 75 inches to 35 x 75 inches. Sometimes a larger truck bed mattress sizes may be required. If you have plans to buy a new family RV, it is most likely you will find a bunk bed and buying a high-quality bunk mattress should thus be a priority. Some of the dimension for bunker RV mattresses are twin on the queen, twin on a twin, twin on the full fold-out couch or twin on full.


To enjoy comfortable nights while on the road, a full RV mattress is what you need. These RV mattresses are similar to a double bed measuring 54 x 74”.

full RV mattressIf you have a double bed at home, you will find a full RV mattress comfortable although it is an inch smaller in width. If you have a wider camper bed, this just the mattress you need. It can sleep more than one person, and it is more comfortable and stable than the other sleeping solutions available. If you plan to take your partner along for a road trip, a full RV mattress makes the experience even more memorable.

Three Quarter

A three quarter RV mattress measures 48 x 75 inches and is another great sleeping option for your camper or RV. It is three quarters the size of your regular queen size bed.

three quarter RV mattress

These RV mattresses work best in vehicles with cramped space. If your RV, for instance, has longer but thinner rooms, a three-quarter RV mattress will work perfectly. If your RV has other such uncommon dimensions, this mattress size will come in handy. In case you have extra room for a guest in your RV, which can take more than one person, a three-quarter size bed is perfect, and you should get the right sized mattress.


If you want to enjoy a comfortable night while on the road or camping with your RV, a queen bed is a right choice for you.

Queen RV mattressA queen size bed measures 60 x 80 inches just like the beds you find in most bedrooms. They are perfect for people who move a lot during sleep. If you need room on your bed, a queen size mattress is perfect for you. You will wake up every morning feeling refreshed and raring to go. Most family-friendly RVs come with queen-size beds and finding an RV mattress is not hard. You can have this bed in the main bedroom or even in the others.

Short Queen

Short Queen’s beds work well where space is limited. The mattress size for the bed is 60 x 75 inches, and while it is about 5 inches shorter than your regular bed, it is still a great option when on the road.

Short Queen RV Mattress

You will always look forward to a comfortable night after a day on the road or after a tiring day exploring the backcountry. If your RV or camper is wide but shorter in length, a short Queen’s bed and mattress provide a perfect sleeping solution. These RV mattresses are ideal for shorter people who wish to sleep comfortably.

Olympic Queen

Just because you are on the road does not mean you cannot pamper yourself. An Olympic Queen bed (66 x 80 inches) offers you a chance to sleep like royalty while out there.

Olympic Queen RV Mattress

It is the icing on the cake on your already exciting road trip or camping experience. These RV mattresses are 6 inches wider than standards sized beds and you can expect the ultimate sleeping experience on the road. If you are traveling with your partner, an Olympic Queen bed with the right size mattress allows enough room to get closer and snuggle during cold nights.


When thinking of RVs and campers, most people have images of crumpled space and uncomfortable living spaces.

King RV Mattress

Well, you are in for a big surprise because many campers come with a King bed to offer the best sleeping experience. These beds measure between 72 x 75 inches to 72 x 80 inches and you can choose the ideal size to suit your camper. There are high-quality king-size RV mattresses on the market and you have no reason to suffer uncomfortable nights on the road. These beds can comfortably fit two or even three adults and four kids or more.

Eastern King

If you own one of the newer campers in the market, you will most likely find an Eastern King size bed. It is the newest variation of the RV bed and mattress sizes and most brands now have these mattresses in their collections.

Eastern King RV Mattress

These beds measure 76 x 80 inches and with the right kind of mattress, you get four more inches on the width of your sleeping surface. The idea is to add more sleeping room for couples who want a home-away-from-home sleeping experience. If you love your sleeping space, nothing changes while on the road making an Eastern King bed and mattress ideal for your RV travels.


One of the greatest concerns for taller people using RVs is finding a good sleeping solution. While Californian king beds are common in most homes, you do not normally find them in RVs.

CalKing RV Mattress

However, this is now changing as more RVs come fitted with CalKing beds to help out those who need added foot space. These beds measure 72 x 84 inches and with the right CalKing mattress, you enjoy an unforgettable sleeping experience while on the road. The design for this bed gives you more length with a reduced width size. You have enough space to cuddle with your partner and your legs will not hang out of the bed.

Truck Mattresses

If you intend to bring along your kids and pet for the road trip, you need to plan on sleeping arrangements.

Truck MattressesNow, your kids might have their sleeping place but they will mostly end up curled at your feet. So will your pet. Truck mattresses come in handy in this case. They serve best on trucks which also serve as campers and you can use them in case of an oddly sized bed in your RV. Their dimensions range from 35 x 79 to 42 x 80 inches to provide enough length to accommodate your pet or kid.

RV Mattress Types


When buying any RV mattress, you will have to choose from different types. One of the most popular of these is the foam RV mattress. You will normally find them with the camper but these are not the most comfortable.

foam mattress

The construction of a foam mattress includes a comfort layer at the top, buoyant transitional layer in the middle and a tough polyurethane base support at the bottom. For more comfortable nights, you can opt to buy a thicker foam mattress than the one that came with the camper. Higher density and thicker foam mattresses are comfortable and durable making them ideal for regular travels.

Memory Foam

There are many reasons to go for a memory foam mattress in your RV. These mattresses boast cutting-edge technology and offer myriad health benefits including temperature regulation, pains, body aches, and soreness relief, sleeping posture assistance among other benefits.

memory foam mattress

This mattress is a great addition especially if you spend a lot of time in your RV. Their design and construction offer best sleeping quality whether you are going camping or on a road trip. You will always look forward to the end of the day for a relaxing and comfortable night. A memory foam topper can also serve the same purpose.


Latex mattresses are popular with RV owners because of their versatility. If you live out of your camper or you always find yourself on the road with your RV, a latex mattress is a great choice.

latex rv mattress

Many brands now have organic latex mattresses for RVs and these feature organic materials. They are not only comfortable to sleep on but also safe for everyone. These organic mattresses boast impressive features and qualities including dust-mite and water resistance, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic qualities for a safe sleeping experience.


If you plan to buy an RV mattress, an air mattress should be top on your list. This lightweight, portable, versatile, flexible, convenient and comfortable sleeping systems are all the rage in the market and for many good reasons.air truck mattress

They are more durable compared to other sleeping solutions and feature cutting-edge technology to enhance functionality, safety and comfort levels. The best RV air mattresses come with built-in pumps, adjustable firmness levels, anti-leak valves, water-resistant PVC materials, plush flocked top among other features. However, these RV mattresses will not work for everyday use due to air loss issues when in use.

Gel Foam

If you plan to spend time in your RV, it is important to find the most comfortable sleeping system to guarantee the best quality of sleep.

gel foam rv mattress

A gel foam mattress might not be in mind when looking for an RV mattress but it should. Gel foam mattresses in design and construction are just like memory foam mattresses. However, they have gel particles or beads infused in the memory foam. This aids in better air circulation in addition to improved comfort, back pain and pressure relief and balanced support. If you live in the warmer environments of the country, a gel foam mattress is the best for your RV.


Innerspring RV mattresses have over time proven to be more comfortable than other options in the market. Users vouch for their luxurious feel even when used in a camper or RV.

Innerspring RV mattress

When buying an innerspring mattress for your RV use, make sure you go for sturdy and durable spring materials and high-quality covers. They are cost-effective and most brands now combine them with mattress toppers such as polyurethane foam, latex and memory foam. The downside of buying an innerspring mattress for your RV is the fact that they are bulky and cumbersome to replace and there is a risk of condensation on the springs.

Buying an RV Mattress – Expert Tips & Advice

Best Places Where You Can Buy Them

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Amazon remains one of the best marketplaces for consumers looking for high-quality goods at the best prices. There are millions of sellers on this platform and a quick search for RV mattresses gives you a wide variety of products. It is the best place to visit when hunting for the best deals on premium RV mattresses. You will find comprehensive products descriptions, comparable purchases, product warranty information and much more. Amazon also offers free shipping on most products and they are very reliable when it comes to return and shipping. To find the best price deals, product reviews, comprehensive information of your RV mattress and free shipping, Amazon should be your first stop.

Camping World

Camping World is another highly rated place when looking for the best RV mattress. On their website, you will find an RV & Outdoor gear section where you can then find a wide range of products. You can filter the products based on the best sellers, departments and recommendations. The ‘Inside RV’ section takes you to another page where you can then narrow down your search further to the RV bedroom products. You can then choose RV mattresses and filter your search based on brand, fabric type, size, price, and reviews. The website is hard to navigate but you finally get high-quality RV mattresses in the inventory


Overstock is a good place to start your search for an RV mattress. This website rates top on Google search for RV mattresses which is reason enough to try it. There is a search feature and once you key your search phrase, you will find a wide range of RV mattresses. You can choose based on parameters such as top rated products, new products, size, mattress features/qualities and products on sale or based on price, brand, memory foam types, and mattress top type among others. Overstock is also a good place to start when looking for a bargain.


Buying your RV mattress requires a lot of insight as you can see from this list. There are many types of mattresses and sizes to select.

While your need for an RV mattress might necessitate an urgent search, you need to take time to evaluate your needs. Take time to consider the number of sleepers you expect in your RV, research the best brands and look at different products in the market.

Additionally, consider the duration you expect to spend traveling in your RV, check out comparison websites, read reviews and testimonials and of course look for the most affordable deal without compromising on the quality of your mattress.

Go ahead now and use the insight you have gained here to purchase the best RV mattress. Enjoy your travels!

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