Serta 39″ Portable Rollaway Bed Review

Are you running short of space with guests at home? Or you have to stay somewhere else during holidays and you are worried about the awful restless nights? A portable bed (also known as rollaway bed, folding bed or guest bed) is the right solution for you. The bed that is designed particularly for saving space makes temporary bedding arrangements to provide comfortable and cozy nights. In a myriad of portable and folding beds, Serta is a brand that produces top notch guest beds for its consumers.

In its line of top rated portable beds, the Serta 39-inch Portable Rollaway Bed with Twin Mattress is a product that is equally admired by everyone. The bed has a sturdy design that ensures stability and support as well as comfort. We have analyzed the product in depth to give you an honest review so that you may finalize your decision.

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Product Features

First, analyze the features incorporated in the design of Seta 39-inch Rollaway Guest Bed.

Steel Frame

When we talk about a portable rollaway bed, the frame construction is a design factor that is crucial. What makes Serta Rollaway Guest Bed really a durable option, is its strong and solid steel frame construction. This metallic frame is sturdy enough to give it a longer life alongside capable to carry a huge weight as well.

Thick Mattress

Another critical thing to look at while buying a folding bed is the quality of the mattress. This rollaway bed comprises of a set that includes mattress alongside the frame. The mattress is about 4-5 inches high, that enables you to have a safe and sound sleep just like a normal bed.

Wheels for Easy Movement

The bed frame is designed with 4-inch ball bearing wheels to offer a greater ease in transportation. With wheels, an individual finds both setup and storage quite convenient.

Large Size

The bed frame is 14 inches high and 73 inches long with 39 inches width. It provides a huge bed size that gives a sufficient space to enjoy a comfortable sleep.


High Stability

The steel frame offers maximum stability that results in a longer life. Moreover, with this best selling folding bed, you can have a firm support and the ball bearing wheels add more value to its transportation.

Color Options in Mattress

The mattress in Serta 39-inch Rollaway Guest bed is available in two decent colors. Get your mattress either in blue or beige color. This is an exciting option while buying this high quality bed.

Easy Set-Up and Storage

With Seta 39-inch Rollaway Guest Bed, you are comfortable while assembling the bed. There are no additional tools required to arrange this bedding setup, as well as the bed is quite convenient to be folded up.


On an overall basis, this amazing rollaway guest bed is a wonderful bedding solution for your guests. Besides many of the benefits, there is a complaint sometimes related to its too big size. As many of the people are short of living space, this huge size might be an issue for such people.

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If space is not a critical issue for you, then you should opt for this economical portable bed. You can have a relaxing night with the durable and sturdy support of Serta Rollaway Guest Bed with Twin Mattress.

Our Rating
  • 8.7/10
    Serta 39" Portable Rollaway Bed - 8.7/10
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