​Detailed List Of 53 Different ​​Bed Types, Frames and Styles

Thinking of buying a bed? Well, there’s a wide range of bed types, styles and frames to choose from and as a first-time buyer, this might overwhelm you.

Ultimately, the choice of the bed will depend on your preferences, sleeping needs, budget, space, and aesthetics among other things.

This comprehensive guide introduces the most common bed types and styles on the market to help you make an informed choice.

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Bed Types

Below​ we are going to present a ​detailed list of ​53 different types of beds available on the market ​that you can add to your home. We hope this would ​help you make informed decisions before buying a bed. So, let’s ​take a look. 

1. Folding

If convenience and space are top on your mind when shopping for a bed, then a folding bed is your best choice.

This is a unique sleeping system which folds into convenient furniture piece when not in use.  It is a multi-purpose piece that turns into a sofa or another functional piece of furniture.

Some folding beds don’t transform into anything useful but the design allows you to maximize available space in your room.  

These beds are ideal for guest rooms and they come in a variety of styles. Some folding beds have wheeled frames making it easy to move them around.

​​​For more information about folding beds, you can check out our article on The Best Rollaway Beds.

2. Platform

A platform bed is one of the most popular alternatives to spring beds and with more homeowners looking for versatile sleeping solutions, these beds are in high demand.  

With a platform bed, you don’t need bulky box springs. The strong free-standing bed comes with a sturdy platform featuring rows of flexible wooden slats or a lattice structure to hold a mattress.

3. Panel

Looking for a bed that perfectly blends function and aesthetics? The panel bed is your solution.

It features decorated panels on both ends of the bed. The panel headboard and footboard give this bed a majestic feel and they come with side rails to accommodate box springs and mattresses.

The embellished panels add style and class to your living space.

4. Sleigh

The sleigh bed as the name implies looks like a sleigh and this makes them cool, trendy and attractive.

They not only offer a sleeping solution in your home but also add a dash of style to your living space.

They come with scrolled head and footboards and you can choose to buy wood, aluminum, iron, and steel sleigh beds.

5. Murphy

Named after William L. Murphy, this bed style dates back to the time of Thomas Jefferson.  Like a folding bed, they help maximize space in your living space and you store them vertically into the wall. 

For more functional value, you can choose a Murphy bed built into a nightstand, shelves, or a storage unit.

6. Trundle

When shopping for a bed for your kids’ bedroom, a Trundle bed should top your list.

They combine two beds into one and you can fold one below the other. They work well when you have little space in your kids’ room and when folded; your kids get enough room for play.

When shopping for a bed for your kids’ bedroom, a Trundle bed should top your list.

They combine two beds into one and you can fold one below the other. They work well when you have little space in your kids’ room and when folded; your kids get enough room for play.

7. Day

You can use a daybed to sleep, lounge, sit, recline during the day and this ability to serve multiple purposes makes it ideal for the modern home.

They are perfect for guest rooms and come in a variety of styles such as a couch, chaise lounge, and a bed.

8. Poster

Poster beds feature four vertical columns at each corner and you can choose different shapes including round or square.

They are magnificent and give a touch of class to your living space. You can also choose to add a canopy on your poster bed for a more pronounced effect.

9. Pencil Poster

Pencil poster beds dominated the 1700’s throughout New England.

They feature four thin posts pointed at the top hence the name.  You can choose either a single framed pencil poster bed or go for one with a frame on top for the addition of a canopy.

Whatever your style choice, pencil poster bed are imposing and elegant.

10. Low Poster

Low Poster beds are a common feature in most bedrooms across the country.

They feature four low columns at each corner with unique tops. You can choose any style for the columns and the top design.

If you want a bed that stands out in your living space, a low poster will do the trick.

11. Half Poster

Like with other poster beds, the half poster bed features four vertical columns but with the head posts standing taller than the footboards.

They appear more proportional than other poster beds, and homeowners who want an easy-to-move bed prefer these to other types of poster beds.

If you want to upgrade your bedroom, a half-poster bed is a great choice.

12. Canopy

Canopy beds are similar to poster beds only that their vertical columns come with an upper frame that forms a canopy over the bed.

They are elegant and majestic and you can drape the canopy with a beautiful cover or leave it open.

These beds add to the aesthetics of your room and add a touch of class to the bedroom.

13. Contemporary Canopy

These canopy beds have little in terms of decorative pieces, and the frames are thin.

They are more inclined towards functional value and not aesthetics, and the slender frame doesn’t allow for any decorative works.  

If you already have an established decor style, a contemporary canopy bed fits in more easily.

14. Traditional Canopy

This is the original canopy bed with a characteristic decorative style.

The bed articles are wide to allow for decorative artworks on the bed. They are also bulky and cumbersome to move around due to the sturdy headboard and footboard used.

They are durable beds made from hardwoods and can outlast the entire family.

15. Divan

If you have limited space in your home, a Divan bed is what you need. 

They feature a design that allows you to maximize available space including storage drawers for your personal belongings.

They are easy to customize for any room and you can choose a style that suits your sleeping needs. 

16. Futon

Futons feature a bed and a couch in one.

They are one of the unique ways to offer a sleeping solution in tight spaces.

If you have little room in your living space, a futon is what you need. Use it as a couch during the day and convert it into a bed at night.

17. Double Decker

If you have kids and there’s little space for several beds in your living space, a double-decker, also known as bunk bed, will come in handy. 

The simplest design features two single beds stacked on top of each other and a ladder leading for easy access.

Today you can find many variations of double-decker on the market.

18. Loft Bunk

This is one of the most innovative beds in modern times.

A Loft Bunk features the top part of an ordinary bed raised to leave space for a table beneath it.  

If pressed for space, this is a great alternative sleeping solution as you can have a workstation below your bed, a table or extra space for other uses.

19. L-Shaped Bunk

Like the traditional bunk beds, the L-Shaped Bunk bed offers space below the bed but in this case, the bottom bed juts out to create an L-shape.

You can choose an L-Shaped Bunk with a futon or an ordinary bed depending on your sleeping needs.

If you have unique space needs, this is a good bed to buy.

20. Twin Over Full Bunk

Like the name implies, a twin over full bunk consists of two types of beds which accommodate two sleepers on the lower bed and a single sleeper on top.

It is an innovative way to use all available space in your home without crowding it with furniture.

The bottom is a full bunk and a twin bunk on top.

21. Futon Bunk

If you have tight space and you would like both seating and a sleeping solution, a futon bunk bed is perfect for you.

This bed features a twin bed for the top bunk and a futon on the bottom section.

It is an innovative solution which provides a sofa during the day and a bed at night.

22. Bunk With Trundle

There are many forms of bunk beds but a bunk with trundle tops the list in innovation and space utilization.

This traditional bunk style bed comes with a trundle for the bottom section.  One unit easily provides comfortable sleeping space for three people.

Pressed for space in your house?  Go for a bunk with trundle.

23. Cabin

A cabin bed is part bunk bed but it comes with a variety of features making it an ideal choice for a kids’ room.

The ample storage units on the bed not only make the cabin the best choice to manage clutter in your kids’ room but also maximize available space in your home.

24. Cot

If you have little room in your home and you expect guests regularly, a cot is the best sleeping solution for you. 

It is a practical and affordable choice and you can choose from multiple styles on the market.

It is lightweight and comes with a foldable frame for easy storage.

25. Half Tester

                                                                                                                                                                       Image ​source: https://commons.wikimedia.org

If you want to give your bedroom a vintage look, a half tester bed is your best choice.

This bed is from the poster bed family but features low feet. They are elegant and majestic thus giving your room a classic feel.

They have a half canopy and lighting but you won’t find these beds in most furniture stores.

26. Storage

For people who need extra storage solutions in tight spaces, the Storage bed is a great purchase.

This is a regular bed which comes with added storage system below the sleeping area. You can either lift the bed to find storage or use drawers on the sides.

It is perfect for storage of bed linen and clothes.

27. Air

Unlike air mattresses, air beds are permanent sleeping systems preferred for occasional sleeping and guest rooms.

They are for home use and not outdoor trips like air mattresses.  You can find an air bed as a pull-out couch or a regular bed with a frame.

This is a comfortable solution for temporary sleeping in your house.

28. Water

Waterbeds are still common in American homes for many good reasons.

They are popular for medical therapies for people with body pain.  Some doctors recommend them for people suffering from chronic pain but some homeowners just love the bed for domestic use due to its comfort.

This bed reduces tossing and turning during the night. 

29. Adjustable

While adjustable beds were only common in hospitals, many bed manufacturers now have units for domestic use.

You can adjust this bed automatically to get the type of body support you need.

They come in adjustable sections allowing users to raise or lower the head or feet to achieve the most comfortable sleeping position.

30. Sofa

Sofa beds are a popular feature in many homes and while they look like futons, they are more comfortable.

The sofa bed design features a bed-within-a-sofa and they work perfectly for tight spaces.

They mostly come with queen size mattresses, and when using the coach, no one can tell it is a bed also.

31. Hanging

If you want a simple sleeping solution in your house, how about a hanging bed?

As the name implies, this unit hangs from the ceiling and allows you to utilize even the tightest living spaces.

You can utilize the space below the bed for storage or anything else you have in mind. 

32. Deluxe Couch Bed

When looking at couch beds, the Deluxe Couch Bed stands out due to its sophisticated design.

It is not just a couch but a unit that can turn into a complete bunk bed.

Your single couch can convert into two separate bunk beds making this a great space saving sleeping solution.

33. Hammock

You have mostly seen hammocks outdoors but you can use the same sleeping solution in your home.

A hammock (get it on Amazon) call for creativity and innovativeness if you want to use one in your home. 

They require a strong makeshift frame for the foundation which suspends the sleeping unit.

The sleeping material is stretchy just like for an ordinary hammock.

34. Ottoman Bed

When thinking about space saving innovations, the ottoman bed always comes to mind.

It is one of the most popular sleeping solutions for tight spaces.  During the day, an ottoman bed serves as a footrest and transforms into a comfortable twin or single bed sleeping space at night. 

It works well for kids’ or guest rooms.

​Bed ​Styles

​​Below you can find the different bed styles available on the market.

35. Modern

Modern style beds are sleek and simple with no ornate decorations and any outstanding features.

They are more about functionality but in this simplicity lies their beauty. They are practical without being too overbearing on your home’s décor. 

This style fits into any contemporary home, and you will find it easy to choose the best bed for your home.

36. Cottage

If you want to go back in time with your bed style, the cottage bed is a good option.

It is an old-fashioned bed featuring fancy headboards with ornate painted decorations. They are more than just a sleeping solution as they add glamor to your living space.

You can choose from multiple cottage style beds on the market.

37. Mission

The mission styled beds feature a unique and outstanding style which emphasizes vertical and horizontal lines.

The flat panels make the wood grains conspicuous thus giving the bed a classic look.

These beds add a dash of style to your living space and can work with any décor you have chosen for your rooms.

38. Traditional

Traditional style beds borrow from ages gone by and remain popular with many homeowners.

They include older bed types including poster beds, half tester, canopy though many of these beds come in multiple styles.

If you want that timeless look in your bedroom, go for a traditional style bed.

39. Country

Country styled beds are among the oldest and have a rustic appeal that easily relates the country.

If you want to give your bedroom that warm country touch, this is the bed to buy.

They are wooden beds with thick posts and flat headboards. You can also find country beds made from wooden logs to suit the style.

40. Retro

Retro beds combine many styles into one unit and this makes them a popular choice with homeowners.

These beds combine a contemporary look with old-fashioned details and vintage designs. Homeowners can now get the best of both worlds in the retro bed style.

Whatever home décor you already have, retro beds blend in perfectly.

41. Rustic

The rustic bed style resembles the country bed look but it has no blend of modern style in it.

It is a bed style that perfectly appreciates nature and the outdoors.

If you are after a vintage look in your bedroom, a rustic style bed is a great choice as it also adds warmth to your living space.

42. French  

When it comes to elegance and glamour in sleeping solutions, the French style beds win hands down.

They have a characteristic exquisite design that oozes sophistication through romantic upholstered headboards and footboards. Every inch of the bed boasts perfection in design and the finished products stands out in your living space.

They are perfect for lovers and inspire incredible lovemaking.

43. Mid-Century 

These are wooden beds which borrow inspiration from the mid-1900s and feature a traditional style.

They have a characteristic vintage look and add warmth to your bedroom. You can also find retro-like upholstered head and footboards.

Want to upgrade your bedroom? Go for a Mid-Century bed which will stand out in your bedroom.

Frame Styles

​In the last part of this long list you can find the different ​bed frame styles available.

44. Metal

When looking for a bed frame, you have to consider strength and durability.

Metal frames are common and cost less than most other bed frame materials. While they are cheaper than wood, metal frames don’t have that stylish edge that wooden frames give to a room. For a more stylish look you can add a headboard and a footboard to your bed.

However, they are lightweight, and you can easily move them around.

This type of bed frames are mostly adjustable and if you want a long-lasting bed, a metal frame should top your list. For metal frames, you will most likely need box springs unless you want to buy a bunk bed.

If you want a practical, lightweight and sturdy bed, you should consider a metal frame.

45. Wood

When most people shop for beds, the wood frame is always on their minds. This is because the wood frame is the oldest furniture making material and it is easy to make magnificent pieces using it.

You can choose multiple bed styles from wood frames including vintage, poster, country, rustic and cottage among others.

Wooden beds are more welcoming and also add a touch of style to the room. Whether you want to add shelves, headboards or anything else to your bed, wood frames give you the freedom to do so without compromising on the beauty of your sleeping space. 

46. Woven

As people continue looking for eco-friendly sleeping systems, woven beds have become more popular.

Wicker beds have a vintage feel about them and they add to the aesthetics of your living space.

You can give your bedroom that classic country appeal with these bed frames which are lightweight, sturdy and beautiful.

47. Brass

Brass beds are now common in many American homes due to the versatility of the frame to make a variety of styles.

Brass beds have a classic touch and bring that old-fashioned appeal associated with brass works.

Brass frames are lightweight, strong, and elegant and have an outdated feel to enhance aesthetics in your bedroom.

48. Upholstered

If you want to transform your bedroom into a beauty instantly, go for an upholstered bed frame.

These beds are magnificent and effortlessly become the focal point of your décor.

The soft headboards make your bed comfy and the classic buttoned look adds to their decorative, luxurious and elegant appearance. 

49. Ornate

If you want to go an extra mile and give your bedroom a makeover, an ornate bed frame is just what you need.

These frames are exceptionally beautiful and instantly turn a bland bedroom into a majestic living space.

These beds boast exquisite decorations with amazing detail and every inch of the bed frame oozes elegance, luxury, and beauty.

50. Wrought Iron

If you are in the market for a durable yet simple bed frame go for wrought iron.

This is a bed frame which adds a vintage look to your bedroom without compromising on strength.

While these bed frames are simple, they still have a flair of style owing to the scroll work on the headboard and footboards.

51. Bookcase

If you want an innovative storage unit for your books, you should consider a bookcase bed frame.

This is a space-saving bed frame allowing easy storage of books and other items on the headboard.

It is an ideal choice for book lovers and the headboard can attach to a bunk bed, trundles and traditional among others.

52. Distressed

Distressed bed frames have a vintage look which comes from the distressed wood frame.

There are flaws and imperfections worked with sandpaper and other techniques into the wood frame to give the bed a dated look and with the popularity of distressed furniture; this is now a common item in furniture stores.

53. Lighted

Lighted beds are now a common feature in American homes and more homeowners go for this beautiful contemporary look.

The bed frame consists of a lighted headboard with LED well placed to provide enough light to read while at the same time giving your bed incredible aesthetic appeal.

You can choose from multiple styles as long as there are lights on the headboard.


Looking for a good bed? It is not an easy task but with this comprehensive guide, you now have an idea about the types of beds, bed styles and bed frames on the market.

With such a large variety to choose from, you will find something that suits your budget, space, and other needs.

Make sure you consider what you want in a bed before hitting the online stores and set a budget for it. The wide selection of beds can overwhelm you but if you have an idea of the bed you want, it is fun to explore the market. Take your time to look at the best bed manufacturers, read reviews about different products and always test the best before you purchase.

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