Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Futon? Our Suggestions For a Pleasant Experience

If you are in the market for a great home improvement idea, it is time to consider a futon. Well, this is not just another furniture purchase but an incredible choice for upgrading your living space.

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In the simplest form, futons are quilted mattresses stuffed with batting and foam stuffing. The versatile and flexible nature of futons makes them an integral part of any successful home improvement project. A futon can easily be rolled on the floor to convert any space into sleeping space in no time. You can also buy a convertible futon with a supportive frame for use as a bed cum seat depending on your needs.

Futons come in all shapes, designs, and styles and this makes it easy to find a piece that suits your needs. With the growing popularity of futons, choosing the best becomes harder. For a start, you don’t know where to shop for high-quality futons and what to look for and in this article, you will find suggestions for the best places to buy high quality futons.

Best Places to Buy High Quality Futons


Amazon is the default online shopping store for most household owners for many good reasons. For a start, it is the most credible online marketplace where you find the widest range of products. Over the years, Amazon has emerged as a reliable store for futons of all kinds. On this platform, you will find all sizes, shapes, and styles of futons from across the world. They include futon mattresses, traditional Japanese futon mattresses, and their accessories. Whatever type of futon you have in mind, you can bet it will be on Amazon.

In addition to the wide variety of products, you will also find helpful product reviews from other users and these come in handy when you are a first-time futon buyer. You will learn about the positives and drawbacks of every product on offer to help you make an informed choice. Amazon is also great for cost savings as their Prime service offers free shipping.


Target is the first place you visit if you want a bargain but now they have upgraded things to an online store. They offer a wide range of futons though mostly adjustable sofas. They are stylish and sturdy but not easily customizable like traditional futons on other stores. Their pricing is good but you can expect to pay more for the best pieces.


Walmart is another popular destination if you are after a wide range of futons. They have single piece units like Target, and their pricing is incredibly low. Some futons have reviews and you will also find a variety of styles. For those products with no reviews, make sure you keenly look at the product descriptions.


If you want to get the widest range of high-quality home decor items, Wayfair is a great place to start. It is the best place to look for futons to upgrade your living space. There are reviews for most products on offer, and there is also free shipping available. For high-quality futons on Wayfair, expect to pay more.

The Futon Shop

If you are in the market specifically for a futon, then the Futon Shop is the obvious first stop. The shop sells a wide range of futons and related accessories including mattresses, custom futon jobs, frames, covers, pillows and more. They have a blog which offers more information on specific products including YouTube links.


Overstock is a popular online store if you are after the best pricing and a wide variety of products. They have a wide collection of futons which are customizable. Their products come with medium-range prices but you can take advantage of sales which come frequently. There are reviews for some of the futons to help you make the best choice.

Futon Creations

Futon Creations promises good quality futons, free shipping, no tax and a customizable range of products. There are dozens of futon prints and patterns on offer and it is easy to find the material that suits your home. The store also stocks an impressive range of frame selections to help you build your dream futon.


Houzz today has evolved into a store where household owners can find incredible products sourced from the best brands. They have nice futons uniquely designed and through their influence, they have managed to clinch incredible price deals. You can now get a futon with any budget to upgrade your home, and the products have at least a review each.

Futon Planet

As the name implies, this is a specialty store focusing on futons and offering free shipping across the continental United States. They have included description videos on their page and a “How to Buy” section. There are customer testimonials and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau to vouch for their credibility.


Hayneedle boasts the widest variety of futons ranging from thin, thick wood, metal, big, small and everything in between and you also get free shipping. There are unique futon styles you won’t find elsewhere in addition to all types of mattresses. Unfortunately, reviews are slim, and you need to read product descriptions keenly.


The futon collection at FutonLand is not only functional but also exciting. The pieces include the common futons and beautiful sofa beds, futuristic transforming beds among others. You also get suggestions on improving products on offer, and they have average pricing for their futon. They also offer White Glove Delivery & Assembly.

Bed, Bath & Beyond

At Bed, Bath & Beyond you will find a good replacement mattress and futon frames. On offer, you will find Simmons, Serta and DHP futon mattresses which are high-quality products to upgrade your futons. There are a few reviews for the low priced products and all products qualify for free shipping.


The IKEA brand is synonymous with flexible and versatile furniture, and this now includes futons. They have a wide range of futons some with wheels, sectionals with hidden mattresses among others. They have incredibly designed futons, but unfortunately, their shipping fees are high making their products expensive. There are reviews for their products to help you make the best choice.

Oriental Furniture

At Oriental Furniture you will find a wide range of traditional futons but their beautiful designs make them expensive. The 4 inches thick futons have 100% cotton stuffing and feature a strong, durable cover. They also sell the Tatami platform bed if you want a higher height for your Tatami bed.


If you have plans to buy a futon, these are the first places you should try. The prices, quality, styles and designs differ, and it is advisable to compare what is on offer at every store. By reading reviews, you will get more details about the futon you wish to buy to guarantee you get the best value for money.

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