Zinus Memory Foam Getaway Premier Folding Guest Bed Review

Zinus is a highly reputed name in the bedding industry. With its diverse range of portable beds and guest beds, the brand has always produced innovative and high -quality products. Considering the consumers’ demands and modern technologies, there are many rollaway and folding beds from Zinus with unmatched quality.

While providing an ultimately comfortable sleeping solution, the Sleep Master Memory Foam Getaway Premier Folding Guest Bed is another masterpiece from the brand that has gained attention.

If there are guests in your home or you have to visit a friend’s home, a comfortable night is no more an issue. With Sleep Master Premier Folding Guest Bed, you can enjoy a peaceful night with cozy sleep anywhere. This best selling guest bed incorporates an elite technology in its design while keeping an affordable price range. A thorough analysis of the product enables us to know about its features in detail.

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Product Features

Let’s unfold the features that make Sleep Master Premier the top rated portable bed:

Thick Foam Mattress

A mattress plays a vital role in providing cozy sleep at night. This is where Sleep Master excels in. This amazing folding bed comes with a 5-inch twin mattress, having a 1-inch memory foam with 4-inch high-density base support foam. Such a thick and high-quality foam ensures maximum relaxation just like your own conventional bed.

Sturdy Frame Construction

Another important element in a high-quality portable bed is its durability. With a sturdy steel frame construction, the Sleep Master Premier Folding Guest Bed serves a person with an enhanced durability and control over the bed.

Wheels for Transportation

In order to cater the transportation and portability issues, the wheels are provided as well. This makes transportation quite easy and flexible.

Convenient Storage

A portable bed is supposed to have a secure storage system. Therefore, this issue is also addressed by this amazing product. With strap and hook, the Sleep Master Guest Bed is secured completely during storage.

Reliable Shipping

With proper packaging, the product is shipped through reliable means to the consumers’ doorsteps.


Easy to Fold Up

This best selling portable bed is sturdy and easy to set up. With its light weight structure, it can be quickly arranged as well as folded up when not needed.

Economical Price Range

Having so many benefits, the product is economical and it is worth to be invested in.

Easy to Transport

The easy to move wheels make transportation quite easier. Wherever you want the bed to be carried, just fold it up and take it along.

Innovative Foam Keeps Refreshing

The Biofoam used in place of the traditional one, features natural green tea extracts with active charcoal. This combination enables the foam to eliminate unpleasant odors and moisture that keeps a person refreshing after sleeping over it.


Having a high number of positive analysts’ and customer reviews, the Sleep Master Premier Folding Guest Bed by Zinus is a highly recommended product. In order to arrange a quick sleeping environment for your guests, you must get this folding bed for your home. It is particularly suitable for dorm rooms, attic spaces and living rooms for guests.

Our Rating
  • 9/10
    Zinus Memory Foam Getaway Premier Folding Guest Bed - 9/10
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